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How to Buy the Best Gaskets for Your Refrigerator

Refrigerators are a vital appliance in any household. They keep food fresh and safe to eat for days or weeks, which is especially important when the power goes out in the middle of winter. But even with these advantages, refrigerators will eventually need new gaskets. Gaskets create an airtight seal between the door and refrigerator body that stops cold air from escaping when you close it shut. However, they wear down and deteriorate over time, becoming brittle or tearing away entirely from their moorings. This means no more fresh food. So how do you know which gaskets suit your fridge? Read on to find out more about the essential aspects to consider.

First, think about the size. Measure the old gasket. Once you have determined what type of gasket you need, measure the old one to find a compatible replacement. It is important because refrigerator door gaskets come in different sizes and shapes. If you don’t get an exact replacement, it might not fit properly and could end up causing more damage. This is where you consider the brand name. The best gaskets are made by the same company that made your refrigerator. It is because these companies have already designed their products to fit perfectly, and they’re also of higher-quality materials. Find a company offering custom products if the original brand is not available.

Secondly, look for quality materials. As mentioned before, not all gaskets are created equal. Some are made of cheap materials that won’t last very long, while others are made of rugged silicone or rubber that will keep your fridge airtight for years. When shopping for a replacement gasket, take the time to read the reviews and make sure the material is of good quality. This way, you won’t have to replace the gasket again anytime soon. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Every refrigerator and gasket is different, so follow the manufacturer’s instructions for what type of tape adhesive will work best with your specific model. Also, determine what type of gasket you need. There are two major types: rubber and silicone. Rubber seals well in areas with a lot of movement and vibration, such as around drain plugs or on posts that hold shelves up. Silicone is better if the place needs to withstand high temperatures and stay flexible over time because it doesn’t harden when exposed to heat as rubber does. If in doubt, ask an appliance repairman which type is appropriate for your model fridge before buying anything at all.

Finally, be careful with installation. One of the most important things to remember when installing a new refrigerator gasket is to be careful not to tear it. Gaskets are delicate and can easily be ripped if mishandled. If you are installing a new one, slowly ease it into place. Use an Exacto knife if you have to get into small corners. If the old gasket is still there, don’t try to rip it out with your hands because you will probably tear it apart in the process. Instead, loosen the screws or posts holding it in place and then use a flathead screwdriver or other tool to lift off the damaged gasket carefully.

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