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Good morning in Spanish

One of the most historical countries in the world is Spain. Their culture is one for the books so if you want to travel somewhere outside your country, Spain is definitely one place to include in your bucket list. But of course, if you want to travel to a place that has a different language from yours, you need to learn the basics of the words used there. For a traveller, the basic words that they need to know regardless of the country or place are comfort room, restaurant, Embassy, Shopping centers, hotels, taxis, and the money conversion. There are also different basic questions that you need to know how to translate to their language such as “what is your name”, “where is the – indicate the place you want to visit”, “what is the schedule of the train or buses”, “what are the best tourists sports”, and a lot more. Also, as a traveller, you need to know how to answer these basic questions.

There are online translator and applications that you can use to help you out. But the problem with this is that you might not be able to fully differentiate certain words. For example, if you use the word, “sorry”, it actually differs depending on the use in a sentence. For instance, you bump into someone accidentally, you will say, “I’m sorry, it is accidental”. You also use “sorry” if you want them to repeat the word just like this – “I’m sorry, can you please repeat the question”. This is the same when you travel in Spain. The word “sorry” is used differently in Spanish depending on the purpose. The difference is that, Spanish has different terns for the word “sorry”. For instance, if you say Lo Siento, this means you are sorry by means of an apology. If you are condoling to the bereaved family, you will use Siento or Lamento. If you want to have someone repeat what they said, it is Perdon.

The importance of knowing the meaning of these words is because you don’t want to be misunderstood if you are travelling. You cannot mix or misuse these terms because the locals might get offended. This is not just in the country Spain but to other places that you are a tourist and the primary language is not English.

In every travel that you plan, make sure that you know the culture and language, first. There are websites that can walk you through different tourist spots and give you tips for your travel. Agencies are actually the best when it comes to planning your travel. It is advisable that you visit their website and inquire from there because they are more knowledgeable on the culture and best spots to visit. They can even provide you with images and of course, tips, to enjoy your travel. All you need to do is to choose your desired place to visit, check images, check the tourist spots, get the details you need especially the tips on how to survive language barrier that you will encounter during your trip.

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